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Who we are Founded in 2009, UMANIT is a business partner for defining, implementing and managing digital transformations



//That object capture information to help to plan the different tasks
function  ObjPlanning() {
  this. id;
  this. listDay = {} ;//Planning days
  this. listProcessMaintenance = {};//List of equipment maintenance process
  this. listProcessMaintenance = {};//List of individual process
  this. planListRess = {};//list of ressource
  this. planListRess = workWeekend;
  this. codePlanning;
  //Add method: insert day object to the planning (listDay)
  this. insertDay = function (day) {
    this.listDay [day.dateDay] = day;
  //has method: check if a day is included in planning
  this. hasDay = function (dateDay) {
    return this.listDay.hasOwnProperty(dateDay);
Founded in 2009, UMANIT is a business partner for defining, implementing and managing digital transformations.Our team of full-stack web developers analyze business requirements build for and with customers in order to implement working digital solutions. Our major activity is to maintain our Capacity Management software dedicated to production & project management.
Our goals is to give customers the opportunities to create both performance and value in their sector
Over 12 years Our experience UMANIT provides Web Application Software dedicated to manufacturing industries. Our team have a proven and longexperience in Healthcare pharmaceutical and energy industries, implementing successfully IT solutions for Production, Quality, Finance and IT departments.
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Healthcare industries
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Pharmaceutical industries
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Energy industries
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Project Management Consulting
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Business Analysis Consulting
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Technical Analysis Consulting
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Development Consulting
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Tailor-made Web Applications
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Responsive Applications
4 easy steps Process Share with us your needs! Together we will analyze and agree on the best way to meet your digital requirements. You define your goals and priorities. We take the challenge to transform your dream in a real web solution.
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The Identity

If necessary, our graphical professional workers can create and propose a new identity based on your expectations. Until you approve a new logo, a new colors scheme, a rebranding …

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Proof of Concept

Based on our common analysis we will create for you a proof of respecting your identity.

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Iterative development

On a weekly basis you get updates allowing you to test and share feedbacks. As we provide a beta working version it is easy for you to review the requirements based on real user experience. We validate with you each iteration.

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Go-Live and Support

After the go-live, we stay focused on continuous improvement and support

Security Technologies We are fascinated by Blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence. We are studying a lot to stay at the top of the technical knowledges in the digital decentralized world. We work with SQL Database, Node js, HTML5, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, Dot .NET Framework
Our crypto portfolio

We provide you an user friendly interfaces to follow all crypto-currencies and create your personal portfolio

Intellectual property

We are able to provide the full architecture allowing you to track and trace your supply chain

Supply chain

We are able to provide the full architecture allowing you to track and trace your supply chain

Artificial Intelligence We are working on machine learning solution to improve the forecast of production planning created via our capacity management software.
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